Trans-Asia Excess Baggage Tariff Rates

Here is the Trans-Asia Excess Baggage Tariff Rates and Personal Baggage Allowance.


When traveling, it is best that you know your personal baggage allowance and the excess baggage tariff rates.

Trans-Asia Excess Baggage Tariff Rates

Free Personal Baggage Allowance Allowed In Every Passenger

2nd Class Non-Aircon/Aircon/Tourist Passengers
  • 50 kilograms
Cabin/Private Passengers
  • 100 Kilogtams
Minor Passengers
  • Half of the Adult Passengers’ Personal Baggage Allowed
Infant Passengers
  • No Baggage Allowance

All baggage exceeding the free personal baggage allowance and those that are classified as commercial goods will be charged according to the tariff rates (please see the below list for the Excess Baggage Tariff Rates)

Trans-Asia Excess Baggage Tariff Rates 

Dog in Cage Rates
  • Puppy in leash or cage-Php250.00/puppy
  • Medium size in cage-Php400.00/ cage (just 1 head inside the cage)
  • Full grown or adult dog in cage-Php500.00/cage ((just 1 head inside cage)
Fighting cocks  Rates in excess of 2 heads
  • Php250.00/head

Excess of 4 heads or more: charged according to carton measurement

Small goat or cat
  • Php250.00/ head
  • Php200.00
Doves or Guinea pig or Hamster (by 2’s)
  • Php200.00
Love birds (by 4’s)
  • Php200.00
  • Php200.00
Flowers or Plants
  • Per Seedling– Php100.00
  • Per Bundle-Php100.00
  • Per Pot (small)– Php100.00
  • Per Pot (large)– Php200.00
  • Per Carton– Php125.00
  • Commercial Quantity (5 or more): Bill of lading
Day Old Chicks (in excess of 1 tray)
  • Php250.00/piece

Excess of 4 trays or more: charged at 0.031 cbm per tray

Balikbayan Box
  • Php100.00/piece
Cigarette Box
  • Php100.00
50 kilo Sack
  • Php100.00
Tool Box (small to regular size)
  • Php100.00
Tool Box (big)
  • Php200.00
Sako Bag (small/medium)-50KG
  • Php100.00
Golf Set
  • Php200.00

(Maximum of 2 per passenger in excess of allowance, and otherwise (for Bill of Lading)

Appliances(only one piece allowed)
  • Refrigerator– Php300.00
  • Sewing Machine– Php300.00
  • Small Machinery (ex. grinder)- Php250.00
  • TV (above 21 inches)– Php250.00
  • Monitor/CPU/Printer-Php200.00/piece (only 1 set allowed)
  • Gas Range-tabletop (single)– Php100.00
  • 2 burner stove (tabletop)– Php150.00
  • Washing Machine– Php300.00
  • Microwave– Php100.00
  • Electric Fan (small to medium)- Php100.00
  • Sofa bed (child, foldable)- Php100.00 
  • Stackable chairs (2 pieces)-Php75.00 per 2 piece set; 
    • maximum of 4 pieces at Php150.00
Bicycle or kiddie car (dismantle)
  • Php150.00 per piece

Limit to 1 per person

Tire (new, recap, used)
  • Small (motorcycle), maximum 2-Php50.00/piece
  • Medium (car), maximum 2-Php80.00/piece
  • Large (SUV), maximum 1: Php150.00/piece
Slippers/Sandals in the sack
  • Php200.00/sack

Limit to 1 per person

Religious Image/Icon-child/half adult size
  • Php150.00
  • Life Size/Adult Size-Php300.00
Cabinets/Orocan 4 Drawers/Tables/Sofa Bed-Adult Size
  • will be charged accordingly as determined by the purser

Prohibited Cargoes on Board

  • compressed gases such as butane or LPG tanks
  • corrosives
  • explosives and timed devices
  • flammable liquids and solids
  • radioactive materials
  • poisonous and infectious substances
  • bladed weapons

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